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Heavy Metal Movie Full Version 1981




Heavy Metal Movie Full Version 1981 Director: Gerald Potterton, Producer: Ivan Reitman and Leonard Mogel Starring: Eugene Levy, Harold Ramis, Joe Flaherty, John Candy, Rodger Bumpass, Jackie Burroughs 1: Official Full Version 2: Rough Cut 3: Alternate Frame 4: Uncensored scene at endDescription: This is an adult science fiction film. the black orb that takes the form of a familiar egg-shaped emissary of evil.Annotations. At the end of the film, the black orb breaks open and a girl with her back to the camera is getting out, pulling a blanket over her.During the credits, after the "Based on the title screen" animation, the film dissolves to black. A title card at the end reads: "PROMO VERSION ORIGINALLY BASED ON THE MOTION PICTURE AVAILABLE AT METALMUSIC.COM" The film begins with a series of logos for the magazine Heavy Metal. The letters and letters "HM" are superimposed over each other. On the back is an illustration of a devil, its face obscured by a black disc, protruding from the mouth of a crescent moon. It looks like a face with a mask over it. The DVD case shows the letters "MM" with the devil's face superimposed over it. DVD Media. High quality DVD media for all your home and professional 4K needs.We are the UK's largest supplier of the latest 4K, 3D and Ultra HD media players, DVDs, home cinema systems and 4K Ultra HD TVs, offering both new and second hand equipment from the world's leading manufacturers.Visit Metal Music Online! For all your 4K and DVD home entertainment needs.Previewed in the July 1981 issue of Heavy Metal Magazine. More info on Metal Music Online. Huge retro heavy metal music collection. Multiple formats for every album, song and artist. Original fanzines, magazines and documents on every band and artist. The movie opens with a logo from Heavy Metal Magazine. Then in a yellow panel, the word "Heavy" is printed over the image of the devil. There is a blinking flashing red "N" over the devil. Then an illuminated red "G" appears on the devil's forehead. The devil then opens its mouth and a glowing green orb appears in the back of its mouth. The orb resembles the red glows from the end credits. After a time, the orb disappears, and a girl





Heavy Metal Movie Full Version 1981

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